Adding Units and Lessons to Your Online Course

Step 2 of the course creation process begins in the Units & Lessons tab of the course editor. If you haven't set up your Course Details yet, you can start at the beginning of our guide here.

To begin adding units and lessons to your course, click Create New Unit. In Zippy Courses, units are used to group similar lessons together. For example, if you have a series of lessons that covers one primary topic, you can organize all of those lessons into one unit. You can include all of your lessons in a single unit or create multiple units if your course covers multiple topics.

If you click Edit (in the unit panel, under the unit title), you can also add a custom description to your unit:

This description will appear on your course's syllabus, which a student can see when viewing the course's Public Details page (accessible by clicking on a course from the Course Directory):

When you are finished setting your unit description, click the Save button, and return to your course's Units & Lessons tab.

Creating Lessons

Once you’ve added a titled unit to your course, you can click Add New Lesson to create a new lesson and add it to your unit. You can click Add New Lesson as many times as you’d like to add multiple lessons to your unit.

In the example below, we have added two units with two lessons each:

But you can add as many units and lessons as your course needs. If we preview our course again, we will see a list of each of these units and lessons beneath your course description:

Editing Your Unit/Lesson Content

Units and lessons can be edited by clicking the  Edit button at the bottom of each individual entry.

When you’re editing a lesson, you can modify the lesson’s title and content as well as featured images and videos, just like your Course Summary page.

If you want to add downloadable files to your course, click the Downloads tab in your course editor. There you can add your own custom downloadable files that will appear in your course.

To add a quiz to your course, click the Quiz tab. Quizzes allow you to test your students' knowledge of the material you've covered so far. Click here to check out our support guide on creating quizzes.

To add a worksheet to your course, click the Worksheets tab. Worksheets allow you to build handouts with questions that students can provide free-form responses to and submit directly through Zippy Courses. Click here to check out our support guide on worksheets to learn more about this feature.

When creating a lesson, try to design it so that a user could reasonably expect to complete it in one viewing - that way, your students can easily track their course progress based on which lessons they've completed and which ones they haven't yet viewed. If you have too much content to be contained in one lesson, consider splitting that content out into multiple lessons. You can have as many lessons as you'd like in your course, so don't overwhelm your students with too much content on a single page!

When creating a new unit or lesson, you'll note that its Status is set to Draft. Units and lessons set to Draft will not display for your students, nor will any lessons contained within a unit set to Draft. Once a unit or lesson is ready to go live, change its status to Published so that your students can access it.

Note: Setting your course's status to Published (from the Course Details tab) will set all units and lessons within the course to Published as well. Do this instead of publishing each unit/lesson individually to save time.

Once you have created an outline of your units/lessons, you can configure the scheduling of your course. To learn about scheduling content for your course, continue to the next guide below:

Next Step: Scheduling Your Course Content