Creating an Opt-In Form To Build to Your Email List

If you're creating a mini-course or a free giveaway to attract an audience, you want to make it simple for students to sign up for your course. Zippy Courses is designed to make this process as smooth as possible for new students, and the Zippy Courses Opt-In Form builder makes the process even simpler.

Before adding an Opt-In Page, make sure that you've integrated your email list with Zippy Courses. If you haven't done that yet, see this guide to get started:  Integrating your Email Marketing

Creating an Opt-In Page

To start, go to Pages in your Zippy Courses Admin Dashboard and click on Create New Page:

Title this page whatever you want your Opt-In form Page to be titled. To add content above your Opt-In Form button, such as text or an image, click the Add Content button in the Content Builder to reveal a dropdown menu. Click on any of the fields you wish to add, then fill those panels with content.

When you're ready to add the Opt-In button itself, click the Add Content button, and click Add Opt-In Form.

Once you click this button, it will add an 'Opt-In Form" field to your Content Builder. Click on that field to configure the Opt-In Form. When you select that option, you will see the following settings:

The Opt-In Form popup's settings are divided into two tabs. The Form tab determines what happens when someone opts in to your Form. This is where you can select the Email Marketing Integration and List that you want your students to be added to. You can also customize a disclaimer message and Submit button for your form, as well as determined a URL to send students to when the student submits their email address.

Similarly, the Modal tab determines what a student will see in the Pop-Up that Zippy Courses uses to let a student opt in to your list. The Title will display above the content you add to the modal, and the Open Modal Button Text will determine what a student sees on the button that opens your opt-in popup.

When you are finished, click Update Opt-In Form to save your changes.

What your Students Will See

When a student clicks this Opt-In button, they will be prompted to enter their First Name and email address. When they click the Submit button, their email will automatically be passed to your email integration, which will add them to the correct list.

After the student is added to the list, they will be directed to the "Redirect URL" that you specify in your site, where you can then include any further information, resources, or instructions that you'd like to provide your student.