Editing Your Site Emails

There are several system emails which your customers will receive after signing up for or purchasing a course, including a Welcome email, an Order Receipt, and more. Zippy Courses gives you the ability to edit any of these emails to customize your messaging to your students.

Before sending any emails, you'll want to set your site's basic email settings under Settings Email in your admin dashboard.

Enter the name and email address that you'd like to show in the "From" field in your site's emails in the Name and Email Address fields, respectively. Additionally, to comply with email deliverability standards, you should also enter your business address, which will be included at the bottom of every email. Entering your information into the Sender and Address panel fields will ensure the highest deliverability ratings for your site emails.

Editing Site Emails

You can view and edit your site emails at any time under the Site Emails setting in Zippy Courses:

There are 8 site emails sent by Zippy Courses. They include:

  • Welcome: The welcome email that students are sent when they join your site for the first time. This email is triggered after someone registers an account on your site.
  • Password Reset: The email that is triggered when someone fills out the “Forgot My Password” form on your site. This email will take a student to a page where they can set a new password.
  • Order Receipt: A payment receipt for a purchase on your site.
  • Registration Reminder: A reminder email that is sent to a student after they register an account. This email will allow the student to register their account via email if they don’t complete the registration process from your Thank You page.
  • Student Enrollment Notification: You will receive this email any time a new customer creates a student account. Only the site owner receives this email.
  • Affiliate Approved: You will receive this email every time a new affiliate account is approved, if you're using the affiliate tools. Only the site owner receives this email.
  • Affiliate Pending: This email notifies the site owner that a new user has signed up for the affiliate program and that their account is pending. You will receive this email if you require new affiliates to be approved.
  • Affiliate Inactivated: This email is sent when an affiliate's status is set to Inactive.

Editing your Site Emails

To modify a site email, click on the Edit Email button next to the email you would like to edit. This will display an editor window where you can change the content of this email:

You can edit the content of this email like you would a course page on your site.

If you do not want a site email to send, uncheck the Email Enabled checkbox.

Using Shortcodes

When you open an example email, you will notice certain pieces of text wrapped in brackets, such as the items highlighted below:

These are called shortcodes, which will automatically generate content that will appear in the page.

You can view a list of shortcodes available to an email and insert them into your email by clicking on the Shortcodes option in the Email Editor.

Click on the shortcode you’d like to use to automatically add it to your email.

These emails will be sent out automatically by Zippy Courses, so you don't need to enable anything else to ensure that these emails are sent.