Selling Your Course

Step 5 of the course creation process covers everything you need to know about selling your online course. If you're just getting started and haven't created your first course, you can click here to start this support guide series from the beginning.

Zippy Courses makes it easy to set multiple pricing options in order to sell your course. In this guide, we explain how to create Pricing Plans to sell your courses through Zippy Courses, which will then be sold through your Public Details page, as well as the Course Directory.

Integrating Your Payment Gateway

Before you can sell your course, you need to integrate a payment service with Zippy Courses. These payment services can be found under the Payment tab of your site’s settings:

For instructions on integrating each payment provider, see our full Payment Integrations guide.

Once your payment provider is integrated, Zippy Courses will automatically use that payment method on your Zippy Courses site.

Creating a Pricing Plan

To create a Pricing Plan, click the Pricing Plans tab of your course editor, then click Add New Pricing Plan to add a plan to your site:

Once you’ve create a pricing plan, you can title the plan and set the type of price to use. There are four options:

  1. The Free pricing option does not collect any payment.
  2. The Single Payment option collects a one-time payment.
  3. The Subscription option lets you create a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual subscription for your product. If a student cancels their subscription, their ability to access the course is revoked.
  4. The Payment Plan option is similar to subscriptions but with a set number of payments. Once a student makes all of their payments, the subscription is canceled, but the student retains access to the course.

Tip: You can create multiple pricing plans for your course, so feel free experiment with single payments, payment plans, and subscriptions to see which help you get the most sales for your course.

Making Your Pricing Plans Public

By default, all pricing plans you create are public and can be purchased by anyone through your Course Directory. However, if you want to make a product private, you can do so using the Visibility option in your Pricing Plan editor. If you uncheck the "Make this product visible on the public course page" option, then students will only find this pricing plan if they visit the plan's URL directly (which you can make available via email, social media, etc.). You can use this option to hide exclusive or promotional discounts you may want to offer some students or to prevent your private courses from being publicly for sale.

The Purchase Process

Once your pricing plan is created, you’re ready to start selling your product! You can sell a pricing plan two different ways:

  1. Share the direct link to the product, which will take the student directly to checkout for that product.
  2. Feature the product on your Course Directory and Public Course page. Students can select from your pricing plans on the Course Directory page and be sent to checkout to purchase that particular price or subscription.

If a student goes to your Public Course page, they will see a layout similar to this:

From there, students can select their pricing plan of choice and purchase your course.

Then, when a student completes a purchase, they'll be sent to a Thank You page on your site. That page includes links to the Registration page and the Login page. If the customer does not yet have a student account, they will register (i.e. create) a new account. If this is not the customer's first purchase on your site, they can log in to their student account instead. Regardless of which option the customer chooses, they will claim their order during the process, meaning that it will appear as available in their dashboard.