Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform Data Processing Agreement

Zippy Courses records certain actions and behaviors while your students participate in courses to help us deliver educational content effectively. Out of respect for your privacy and the privacy of your customers, we limit this information as much as possible, but some data collection is required to serve you as you learn.

Note that this agreement is specifically for the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform. For the agreement for the Zippy Courses plugin, click here.

Data Processes

  • Zippy Courses receives payment data from your payment processor, including the Payment ID, the amount paid, and the billing address of the payment. This data is stored as part of your Order in Zippy Courses
  • When a student is registered for Zippy Courses, a user is created in the Zippy Courses site. This user is connected to any orders they have made, which determines the students access to courses.
  • When a user is enrolled in a course, a site owner can optionally choose to have their information added to an email integration. These integrations are third-party services like Mailchimp, AWeber, or ConvertKit. This information is submitted via an API request to any services the site owner has integrated.
  • When a user is enrolled in a course, a site owner can also trigger a series of course-related emails to be sent to this person. Users can opt out of these messages at any time.
  • When a Lesson is viewed for the first time, Zippy Courses logs that lesson as a “completed” lesson. This allows Zippy Courses to potentially restrict access to future lessons based on which lessons have already been “completed.”
  • When a user is enrolled in a course, we queue a series of messages to send the student. Some of these messages are sent to all students, such as a Welcome email, but some messages are queued based on emails added to the course by the site owner. These messages are relevant to the purchase that was made.
  • Users fill in and submit worksheets that are created by site owners. These worksheets can include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay-response questions. These answers are then stored within Zippy Courses to be viewed by the student or site owner, and a copy is emailed to the site owner.
  • Users can answer questions to quizzes created by site owners, and these results are graded and stored in Zippy Courses.
  • Zippy Courses users enter their credit cards to update the card associated with their Zippy Courses subscription. This card is submitted to Stripe for verification and, if the user has unpaid invoices, the invoices are paid using the new card.
  • Payment integrations, such as Stripe and PayPal, will send Zippy Courses “webhooks” to alert us of significant events, such as subscription payment failures, successful payments, or subscription cancelations. Zippy Courses receives these web hooks and updates existing orders based on the received information.
  • When someone applies to be an affiliate for a Zippy Courses site, they submit their name, email, address, phone number, and (if they wish to be paid via PayPal) their PayPal email address. 
  • When someone visits Zippy Courses using an affiliate link, Zippy Courses stores a cookie indicating the referring affiliate. If the user purchases a product while the cookie is active, the referring affiliate will be credited with a referral.
  • For affiliates, Payout reports are generated at monthly intervals, which indicate which affiliates for a site need to be paid an affiliate commission. When a site admin completes a payment, they mark that commission as paid.

Third Party Data Sharing

  • Zippy Courses integrates with a service called "Intercom" to deliver onboarding messages to site users. Intercom only tracks users in the administrator areas of the site - students are not tracked. Intercom receives the user's email address, as well as the user's page views.
  • Zippy Courses uses Google Analytics to track usage of our application.
  • Data collected by Zippy Courses is not sold to third-party services and is only used to track usage of the Zippy Courses application or to improve application performance.


Cookie Name Duration Purpose
XSRF-Token 2 Hours Used to authenticate requests for security purposes
laravel_session 2 Hours Used to identify the users browsing session
laravel_token 2 Hours Used to authenticate internal API Requests
_utma 2 Years Cookie used by Google Analytics
_ga Indefinite Cookie used by Google Analytics
_gid Indefinite Cookie used by Google Analytics
km_ai 5 Years Provides analytical  information about how visitors use the site.
km_lv 5 Years Provides analytical  information about how visitors use the site.
km_uq 5 Years Provides analytical  information about how visitors use the site.
sc_is_visitor_unique 2 Years Used for stat counting