Theme Comparison Guide

We want your courses site to be an extension of your brand with its own look and feel, not just another cookie-cutter site hosted by us. With that in mind, the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform currently supports two different themes, one of which offers 5 color variants, with more to come!

Note: If you purchased the Professional package of the All-In-One Platform, you can also create your own custom theme. Keep in mind, though, that creating a new theme is considered an advanced-level feature. You must understand HTML and CSS to safely create and edit themes. You will also be responsible for maintenance and updates when new features are released. Click here to check out our 7 part support guide series on creating your own custom theme for assistance with this.

You’ll find your theme options by going to Settings and clicking on the Theme tab.

First up is the Zippy Classic theme, which is the default theme. It was built with balance in mind to ensure that, no matter how you want to deliver your course content, it can meet your needs. The Zippy Classic theme supports 5 color variants including:

  • Cherry Limeade
  • Default
  • Midnight
  • Snowy Day
  • Sunshine

Next, we have the 1K Students theme, which was built to emphasize video content and supports slightly improved course navigation. If you plan to deliver the majority of your course content via video, this is the theme for you!

Below, you’ll find several screenshots of the same Zippy Courses site using the Zippy Classics theme (Snowy Day) and the 1K Students theme to help you get a better idea of what they look like and what sets them apart. A typical Zippy Courses site will have more pages than the ones shown below, but we’ll be focusing on pages that sport a very different look or layout between the themes.

Lesson page:

Zippy Classics (Snowy Day)

This is the top of a lesson page with the Zippy Classics (Snowy Day) theme activated. Note that the course navigation menu is to the left of the course content. Students can click a unit to show or hide the lessons contained within it, and click a lesson to jump to that lesson. Clicking Back to Course returns them to the Course Details page, and clicking Next Lesson allows them to jump to the next lesson while clicking Previous Lesson (not shown) will return them to the previous lesson. The video displayed here was added as a featured video.

This is the bottom of a lesson page. Under the course content, students will find their Course Progress bar (which displays how much of the course they have completed so far) as well as buttons to take a quiz and jump to the next lesson. At the very bottom of the lesson page, they’ll find the downloads section.

Note: If you do not have any downloads or quizzes for a lesson, these buttons will not display.

1K Students:

This is the top of a lesson page with the 1K Students theme activated. The first detail that you’ll likely notice is that the theme is a lot darker. This assists in focusing your students’ attention on the video (which, again, was added as a featured video). Next, you’ll see that the navigation menu is on the right and only displays the lessons within your current unit. Clicking a lesson will bring a student to that lesson. Clicking Prev or Next will bring them to the previous or next lesson.

Above that, you’ll see three tabs: All Units, My Courses, and My Account. Clicking All Units will open up a dropdown menu which lists all of the units in the course the student is viewing. Clicking My Courses will bring them to their dashboard (where they can access all of the courses they have access to). Clicking My Account will allow them to edit their profile, view their orders, and log out of their account.

Immediately under the featured video, you’ll see the Lesson Content, Lesson Downloads, and Take Quiz tabs. The content above these tabs will not change, only the content below will be replaced with the content of whichever tab you select.

Finally, while the theme was designed with video in mind, you do not need to have a video display at the top of the page. If you do not set a featured video for the lesson, your featured image will display instead.

Course Details page:

Zippy Classics (Snowy Day):

This is the Course Details page with the Zippy Classics (Snowy Day) theme activated. You can think of the Course Details page as the homepage for a course. Under the featured image, you’ll see the course progress bar, which lets students see how much progress they’ve made through the course so far.

Under that, you’ll find the course outline. Click View Lesson to view that specific lesson. You’ll see a checkmark to the left of a lesson if the lesson has already been viewed. Additionally, you’ll see that each unit has its own progress bar.

1K Students:

This is the Course Details page as viewed with the 1K Students theme activated. The first major difference you’ll note is the lack of a progress bar. Additionally, the course outline is streamlined and only displays units (instead of units and lessons) along with the unit’s name and how many lessons it contains. Clicking on a unit will bring the student to the first lesson within that unit.

Zippy Classic theme variants:

As mentioned, there are 5 color variants of the Zippy Classics theme. Again, those variants are:

  • Cherry Limeade
  • Default
  • Midnight
  • Snowy Day
  • Sunshine

Here’s a brief look at how each version looks on a typical course lesson page:

Cherry Limeade



Snowy Day


We hope that this breakdown of what sets these themes apart and how they look helps you decide the best way to display your course content. If you have questions about anything not covered here, please email our support team at, and we’ll be happy to assist you further!