Previewing Your Site with the Admin Bar

We’ve built Zippy Courses so that creating your online courses is a pain-free process. But when you’re just getting started, it’s hard to conceptualize exactly how all of your hard work is paying off. The backend is built to make course building as easy as possible, but it’d be nice to see what you’re working on without having to log in to a student account every 5 minutes, wouldn’t it?

Enter the Admin Bar!

The Admin Bar makes editing your Zippy Courses site even easier by providing accessible quick links to the backend as well as allowing you to view pages as any one of your students. This means that you can now troubleshoot issues for your users without having to reset their password, log in to see the potential issue, and email them a new password and instructions on how to change it.

First, log in to the admin account of your Zippy Courses site. Then, visit the frontend of your site by manually entering the URL of a frontend page into your browser's search bar or by clicking the View Course/Page button when editing a course or page in the backend.

Note: The URL of all Zippy Courses pages can be found by navigating to that page in the backend and looking under the Title field for that page.

You’ll find the Admin Bar at the top of the frontend of that page.

On the left, you’ll find your site’s name. Click that to return to your admin dashboard.

Click the Edit Course/Page tab to return to the backend of the lesson or page you’re viewing to edit further.

Click the Quick Links tab, and a dropdown menu will appear with the following options:

  • My Courses
  • My Students
  • My Orders

Click one of the options to quickly jump to that section in the backend.

On the right side of the bar is the Viewing As tab. This allows you to view the page you’re currently viewing as a different user. Click the tab to see several options.

By default, this is set to Yourself, which allows you to view the page with full admin privileges. Beneath that is the Logged-Out Visitor option, which shows the page as someone not logged in to a student account or someone who does not have access to the material would see it. Below that, you’ll see all of your students' names and email addresses listed under Students. Click on any student to view your site with their access permissions.

The best part of this is that you’re not stuck on this page. Once you’re on the frontend of your site, feel free to click around, as your users would, to view different pages, check for issues, and confirm permissions. The Admin Bar can always be found at the top of the page to assist you in returning to the backend when you’re ready.