Adding Notifications to Your Site

There are numerous reasons you might want to reach out to your students - You’ve released new content for your latest course, one of your courses has gone on sale, or maybe you just want to let everyone know the best email address to contact you at if they have any questions or concerns. The problem is making sure that they get your message.

With the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform, it’s easier than ever to send your students notifications. This guide walks you through the simple process of setting up notifications directly on your Zippy Courses site. Your notifications will display for your students as soon as they log in to their accounts, and they won’t go away until your students read them or close them, guaranteeing that your announcements are seen.

To create a new notification, click the Students tab in your navigation menu. Once on the Students page, you'll see a new tab under Students labeled Notifications. Click it.

This is your Notifications page. Here, you'll see all active notifications on your site.

To create a new notification, click the yellow Create New Notification button in the top right corner of the page.

First, name your notification by entering a title in the Notification Title field. Next, enter the text you wish your notification to display in the Notification Text field.

Note: Notifications can contain bold, italicized, underlined, and strikethrough text as well as links.

On the right side of the page is the Scheduling panel. First, let's decide if we want to schedule by Calendar Date or Course Enrollment.

Scheduling by Calendar Date means that your notifications will display for all students on a date of your choosing. Enter the start date of the notification in the Start Date field. You can also enter an end date of when the notification will no longer display in the End Date field.

Note: Notifications are displayed on the first page your student sees after logging in. The notification will display on every page until the student opens it, dismisses it, or the notification expires (based on the settings you choose). If you do not want your notification to disappear until your students take action on the notification (i.e. open or dismiss it), leave the End Date field blank.

Alternatively, we can schedule our notifications by Course Enrollment.

This means that only students of a particular course and tier will see your notification. Click the dropdown menu under Course, and select the course you wish your notification to display for. After that, some checkboxes will appear underneath. These are the access tiers of this course. Check off the box next to each tier that you want the notification to display for.

Set when you want your notification to appear in the Start Showing After... field.

Note: If you want your notification to appear on Day 1 of the course, set this field to 0 days. Setting the field to 1 days will make the notification appear for a student 1 day after they gain access to the course.

You can then set when the notification no longer displays in the Stop Showing After... field.

Note: Again, if you do not want your notification to stop showing before your students take action on it, feel free to leave this field blank.

Once you're satisfied with your notification, click Save.

Back on the Notifications page, you can edit an existing notification by clicking Edit below the notification you wish to alter. Click Delete to permanently delete a notification.

The next time a student logs in to their student account, they will see your notifications appear like this:

If multiple notifications are set to show at the same time, students can click through them by clicking the forward and back arrows under the message. Students can also see how many notifications they have and which notification they’re currently viewing. Notifications will appear on every page until a student clicks Read More or the X.

Now you’re all set to quickly and easily reach out to your students with any news or announcements you have for your community.