Creating Tiers for Your Course

Sometimes one version of your course isn’t enough. Maybe you want to entice potential customers to sign up for your course by offering free access to your first unit. Or maybe you want to add additional, premium content to your course for your VIP customers, such as extra course content, live group coaching calls, one-on-one consulting, or whatever else you think will add value to your course. In fact, this is a great way to increase revenue!

Think about it. Typically, when selling an online course with multiple options, you’ll find that about 75% of people buy the cheaper option, while 25% buy the premium experience (There are always people who buy the nice toilet paper at the store).

Let’s say you have a $500 online course for sale. If you make 100 sales and you only offer one version of your course, you’ve made $50,000 in revenue. Now let’s say that you have the basic version of your course and a premium version that sells for $1000. If you sell 75 copies of the basic, $500 option and 25 copies of the premium, $1000 option, all of a sudden you’re making $62,500! That’s a 25% increase.

Ok. So offering multiple tiers per course is important, but how do you set that up?

Creating a Tier

Let’s begin by going to Courses, clicking on the course you wish to add your new tier to, and clicking the Units & Lessons tab. Locate the Access Tiers panel on the right side of the page. See that yellow Add New Tier button? Click it.

You did it! You’ve created a new tier.

Well, almost. Enter a name into the new tier bar, and you’re done.

Note: While naming your tiers, keep in mind that your customers will see the names of your tiers.

You can now assign your new tier(s) to your units/lessons by clicking the Assign a tier… dropdown menu in the unit/lesson box.

To remove a tier from a unit/lesson, click the X next to the tier name in the unit/lesson box.

You can assign tiers to either units or lessons. By default, your course will establish access by units. If you want to include bonus lessons only available to certain users, though, you'll want to change that to lessons. To do so, click the Control Access by... dropdown menu (above your tier list), and select Lesson.

You can create as many tiers as you want, so feel free to experiment with different variations of your course.

To delete a tier, click the X next to the tier in the Access Tiers panel.

Note: If you delete a tier which existing students have access to, they will lose access to the course immediately, and they will no longer see the course in their dashboard. Make sure to consider this before making any changes to your tiers.

Lastly, go to your course’s Pricing Plans tab to create pricing plans per tier. For more information on pricing plans, check out our support guide on selling your courses.