How to Edit and Manage Pages

While we encourage our users to use Zippy Courses as their course site and maintain a separate main site/blog elsewhere, that doesn't mean you can't use Zippy Courses to build content outside of your courses. Want to create a sales page for a new course? Maybe your site could use an About Me page. You can do so by clicking the Pages tab of your navigation menu.

These are your pages. This is where you'll find any non-course related pages that make up your site.

There are two types of pages: Core Pages and Custom Pages.

Your Core Pages contain automatic functionality that allows Zippy Courses to work. Examples of these pages are the Edit Your Profile or Forgot Password pages. These pages are essential to your Zippy Courses site so do not delete these pages under any circumstances. Most of them do not currently support edits, but you should feel free to customize your Thank You page to suit the tone of your site and courses.

Your Custom Pages are any pages that you've created. This includes custom welcome pages or sales pages that you've built.

This page provides basic information for all of your site pages, including the title, status, and the dates of when the course was created, (last) updated, and published.

A page's Status can either be Published, Draft, or Trash. Your site visitors will only be able to view pages that are Published. Keep a page set to Draft if you haven't finished building it yet. If you would like to delete a page, set its Status to Trash (More on how to do this later), return to the Pages page, and click Delete under the page's title.

The Created date is when the page was created. The Updated date is when the page was last updated. The Published date is when the page was last Published.

Under each page title, you'll see two to three options: Edit, View, and Delete (if the page's Status is set to Trash). Click Edit to edit the page. Click View to see what the page looks like on the frontend of your site. Click Delete to permanently remove the page from your site.

You can only view 10 pages at a time. Enter keywords into the Search bar above your list of pages to only display pages with titles containing the keywords you enter. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to navigate to a different page and view more pages.

To create a new page, click the Create New Page button in the top right corner of the page. This will allow you to build a page that can contain text, images, video, and audio as well as an opt-in form. Once you're happy with your page, make sure to set its Status to Published so that it can be accessed by your users, and click Save. Use the URL under the page title to link to this page from any other page (from your Zippy Courses site or elsewhere).

Now you're all set to start managing your pages and building your own pages. We encourage you to think of your site, not as another Zippy Courses site, but as your site. Customizing your core pages with language consistent with the rest of your site and building custom pages, like a custom welcome page, are great ways to achieve this!