Managing Your Students' Accounts

Need to reset a student's password, grant or revoke course access, or track a student's course usage stats? The student account page is the place to do it!

To locate a student's account page, click on Students, and locate and click on the student.

This is the student's account page. This page displays some basic information about the student and the courses they have access to.

On the left side of the page, you'll find the student's name and email address. Below that, you'll see when this student first created their account.

Click the Grant Access button to provide this student with access to one of your courses for free.

A panel will pop up allowing you to choose which course you wish to give the student access to. Click the dropdown menu next to Course Product to choose the course.

The course names are in bold, while the pricing plans are below those (If a pricing plan is greyed out, it means that the student already has access to it). You'll need to select a Pricing Plan to grant access to a course. This is how Zippy Courses knows what kind of course access to grant the student. If you don't see any pricing plans listed below a course you wish to grant access to, go to the course, click the Pricing Plan tab, and create one.

Once you pick a course, you can enter the amount your student has paid for the course under Amount Paid. This step isn't necessary, but it will help you in keeping your records. If the student hasn't paid for the course, leave it blank.

Click Grant Access when you're done.

Back on the student's account page, you'll find the Update Password button below the Grant Access button. Click this to reset the user's password. You will be notified of the student's new password, and an email will be automatically sent to the student notifying them of the update and providing them with the new password.

To the right, you'll see the Courses section. This is where you'll find all of the courses that this student has access to, as well as the tiers of access they have, their start dates (the day they gained access to the course), and their progress through the courses. Click Edit next to Start Date to adjust the student's course start date. If your student has access to a course with a drip schedule, you can push their start date forward or back to affect what course content they currently have access to.

Under that is the Orders section. This lists the order number, product (e.g. Full payment, installment payments, subscription plan, or free), the amount paid for the course, the status of the order, and the date the order was received. Click an order's Order Number to view that order. All orders will appear here, even if a student was manually granted access to a course.

An order with a status of Completed means that the order has successfully gone through. Pending means that the order has not gone through yet. A student won't gain access to a course until the order has completed. Active means that a subscription plan is still active or that the student is still making their installment payments for a course. Delinquent means that the student has missed a payment for a course.

Below that is the Quizzes section. This displays which quizzes this student has taken so far. Lesson lets you know which lesson the quiz can be found in. Date tells you when the student completed the quiz. Score indicates the score the student achieved. Passed? lets you know whether a student has achieved the minimum score required to pass the quiz by displaying a check mark (passed) or an X (failed).