Managing Your Email Settings

Did you know that you can create course emails directly in Zippy Courses? This is a great way to let your students know when new content is available or keep them engaged if you're using a drip schedule. There are a few settings that will improve their deliverability, which prevents your emails from landing in your students' spam folders. This is also important for your system emails, such as the Welcome Email and the Password Reset email. To locate these settings, click Settings, then click Email.

Welcome to the Email Settings page, where you'll set the basic information for your site emails!

At the top of the page, you'll see the Sender panel. By default, your emails will be delivered using the name of your school and the email you signed up with. If you would like those to be something other than the defaults, you may modify them here. You can set the Name and Email Address fields to anything you want, but make sure that you have access to the inbox of the email address you enter in case your students reply to a site email.

Below that, you'll find the Address panel. Emails sent by your site related to course content fall under the umbrella of Marketing Emails, which have specific requirements to maintain high deliverability standards. One of the most important is the inclusion of your business's address. Enter your business address here to ensure that your students receive all of your site emails.

Once you've entered your information into these fields, click Save Settings at the top of the page. Now you're ready to edit your site emails! Check out our support guide on Editing Your Site Emails for more information on that process.

If you're happy with your site emails but would like to start creating emails for your courses, check out the Adding Emails to Your Course support guide instead.