Managing Your Zippy Courses Orders

Zippy Courses handles the process of receiving and processing your orders and payments automatically. We'll collect payments and track orders without you having to break a sweat. In most cases, you'll never need to edit an order once it's been made.

However, if you ever want to change or update an existing order, you can view and manage these from your Orders menu.

Accessing Your Site's Orders

You can access your site's orders from your Zippy Courses Admin Dashboard by clicking on the Orders tab.

From here, you can view copies of all the orders made in your site.

When you click on an Order Number, you will see more details for that order.

Check out our guide on Editing an Order Page for more information on what this page contains.

If an order is (unclaimed), it means that a customer has purchased a course, but they have not yet created a student account to access it.

Once a customer successfully places an order, they are brought to your Thank You page. This page contains two links: one to a registration page and one to a login page. New students (who do not have an account) must register (or create) an account, and students who have made purchases before must log in to their existing account. This is how our system knows which account to grant access to the paid material to. If a student does not register an account during checkout, they will receive an email reminding them to do so.

Until a student registers an account, the customer for their order will remain listed as (unclaimed). Otherwise, you will see the email address and name of the person who has claimed this order.

Assigning a Student to an Order

You can assign an existing student to an order by clicking on the dropdown menu next to Customer on the order page. 

Select the customer you want to assign to this order, and press Save to assign the order to the student. Next time that student logs in, they will have access to the course associated with that order.

Alternatively, you can resend the registration reminder email to your customer as a reminder to create an account. To do so, click the Resend Registration Email button. You'll see the email address of the customer who placed the purchase originally (and to which the email will be sent) under that button.

Revoking Access to an Order

If you ever want to revoke someone's access to an order, you can do so by changing that order's Status. If you set an order's status to Abandoned, and then click Save, that order will no longer give a student access to that product.