Adding a Quiz to Your Course

One of the potential dangers of an online course is that you don't have the luxury of engaging your students one-on-one. In a classroom setting, a teacher can decide to review subjects, skip ahead, and focus on specific points for emphasis based on their interactions with their students. When you've taken the time to carefully craft an online course, the last thing you want is for your students to blast through your course and retain nothing, or even worse, skip sections entirely.

Quizzes are a great way to ask your students to reflect on what they've learned so far in your course and apply it to ensure that the information you've taken time to layout is leaving an impression. With the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform, you can add quizzes to your courses and even make them mandatory before allowing your students to move on to the next lesson. You can even set a passing grade your students will have to achieve to move on.

Creating a Quiz

To create a quiz, go to Courses, and click the Edit (pencil) icon of the course you wish to add the quiz to. From there, click the Units & Lessons tab, click Edit under the lesson you wish to add the quiz to, and click the Quiz tab.

To start, click the Add New Question button, and a box will open with several fields. Enter your question in the question box. Enter an answer in the Answers field, and add additional answers by clicking the Add New Answer button as many times as needed. Check off the correct answer by clicking the circle next to it.

You can reorder or delete questions by hovering your mouse over the question box and clicking the cross arrow or the trash can icon, respectively. Delete an answer field by clicking the X to the right of it.

You can add an image to your questions by clicking the Upload Image box and selecting an image from your Media Library. You can include a different image for each question.

On the right, you'll find your Quiz Settings. Checking off the Quiz Required checkbox will require your students to take the quiz before they can proceed to the next lesson. This is a great idea if you want to ensure that your students are mastering the material before allowing them to move on. Enter a percentage into the Minimum Percentage Score to Pass Quiz field to set the required minimum score students will need to achieve before proceeding to the next lesson.

Add as many questions to your quiz as you want, and click Save.

What Will Your Students See?

When students take the quiz, they will see their progress through the quiz indicated by the bar in the top right corner of the question box. Once they answer all questions, they will have the option to review their answers before submitting.

If a student does not pass the quiz, they will see a results page indicating their score and the number of questions answered correctly. They will also be notified of the minimum score required to pass (if enabled), and they will be given the option to retake the quiz immediately.

If a student passes the quiz, they will see the same information as well as a list of all the questions displaying the answers they chose and the correct answers. They can then click Continue to Next Lesson to move on.