Integrating Zippy Courses with ConvertKit

Integrating your email service with Zippy Courses will allow you to automatically add students to your email lists when they join your course. That way, you can not only send your students emails about your course content, but you can include them on your email marketing for future courses or other ventures.

To integrate ConvertKit with Zippy Courses, you'll first need to locate your account's API Secret. To find that information, log in to your ConvertKit account, and click on the Account tab. Then select the Show option next to the API Secret, and copy this secret to your clipboard.

Now, log in to your Zippy Courses site, click on your Email Marketing Settings, and scroll down to the ConvertKit option.

Paste in your API Secret, and click Authorize to connect your site to ConvertKit. You'll now be able to connect your tags, forms and sequences to the courses in your site.

Connecting Your Forms, Tags and Sequences with Your Courses

To connect an email list with a course, go to Courses, locate and click on the course you wish to connect, then click on the Integrations tab.

You will see your ConvertKit Integration, currently set to Inactive. Click the toggle next to your integration, and select the tag, form, and/or sequence that you would like to connect to your course:

Additionally, you can check the box labeled Control this integration by Tier in order to select a list for each tier of your course.

Once you have configured this integration, click the Save button to save your changes. Then, any time a new student is added to your course, they will also be added to your corresponding integration in ConvertKit.