Using Stripe to Collect Payments in Zippy Courses

Note: This guide is for the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform. If you are using the Zippy Courses WordPress plugin, check out this guide instead.

There are two steps to integrating Zippy Courses with Stripe: locating your Stripe API Keys and setting your Stripe webhooks.

Locating Your Stripe Keys

To find your Stripe keys, log in to your Stripe account at, then click on API in the navigation menu on the left.

On the API Keys page, you will find your Publishable and Secret keys. Click the Reveal live key token button covering your Secret key to reveal it. You will be prompted to authenticate by entering your login credentials before you may do so. After that, copy both keys.

If you wish to make test payments without processing real credit cards, you will need to switch to test mode by clicking the View test data switch.

Once in test mode, you'll find your test Publishable and Secret keys. Reveal your test Secret key the same way you would your live Secret key (above), and copy both keys.

Note: When copying these API keys, also make sure the API Version in Stripe is on the latest version. Older versions of the Stripe API may be incompatible with Zippy Courses.

Now log in to your Zippy Courses site, click Settings, and click Payment. Scroll down to the Stripe panel, and paste your live or test keys into the appropriate fields.

Setting Your Stripe Webhooks

Webhooks are necessary to properly process subscriptions and payment plans through Stripe. The webhook for your site will be your domain name, plus ‘/webhook-listener/stripe’. So if your domain name was, your webhook URL would be

To enter this URL in Stripe, go to the Webhooks tab of your Stripe account, and click the Add Endpoint button.

Enter your webhook URL using the format described above, and click Add endpoint.

After doing so, you should see this endpoint listed in your account’s list of web hooks:

Enable the Stripe Integration

When your API Keys and Webhooks are enabled, return to Zippy Courses, scroll to the top of the Payment page, and select Stripe as your payment gateway. Then click Save Settings