Adding Video to Your Course

Video courses are a great way to make your courses more engaging and improve the experience for your users. As video grows into becoming the primary way people consume content on the web, it makes sense to offer courses that cater to this demand.

Zippy Courses makes it easy to add videos to your course, using services like Vimeo or Wistia in order to host your videos. Once a video is hosted on one of these services, then displaying the video to your students is as simple as loading the video URL into your course.

Where to Host your Videos

First off, you will need to find a place to host your videos. We want to take advantage of a service that hosts your videos for you and delivers them effectively to your students. For this, there are two leading candidates: Vimeo and Wistia.

Each of these services offers the ability to upload and embed your videos in a clean, advertisement-free player. Most importantly, these services will reliably serve your videos efficiently and quickly, without costing you an arm and a leg in bandwidth costs.

Why not YouTube? You may be wondering why we don’t recommend uploading your videos to YouTube. This is for two reasons: First, Youtube doesn’t give you the same security or privacy options as Vimeo or Wistia, which makes securing your videos difficult. Second, YouTube will serve ads on nearly any video uploaded, which can be frustrating or inconvenient for someone who’s trying to view a course they paid for. Services like Vimeo and Wistia give your page a more professional look, so we recommend these services over YouTube.

Securing Your Videos

Once your videos are ready to be loaded into your course, you want to be sure these videos are only viewable on your course website. That way, even if someone were to find a link directly to your video, the link itself would be useless.

Both Vimeo and Wistia offer security tools for controlling where your videos can be embedded. For each of these services, you can find a guide below:

The domain name you want to enter is the domain name that students will use to view your course. If you're not using a custom domain name, then this domain will be the URL you set up when creating your Zippy Courses account, such as If you set up a custom domain, then you will want to enter your custom domain name.

Using your Uploaded Videos

Once your video is uploaded, copy the URL of the video by viewing your video, and copying the URL within your browser window:

Then, in your Lesson Editor, click on Add Video in the Featured Video panel:

Then, in the popup that appears, paste the URL of your video:

Once the URL is inserted, click the Insert Video button to close this window, and add the video to your course.

Then, save your lesson and click Preview, and your video will now show up at the top of your lesson page:

Adding Additional Videos

If you ever want to add more than one video to a course or you want to place a video below content already in your site, you can click the Add Content button to reveal a dropdown menu with different panels you can add to the page. Click Add Video to insert additional panels for videos in your course.

Adding these videos uses the same setup as adding a featured video, so use this option if you have several videos that you want to load on a single page.

And that's it! Using these tools, you can mix video content in with your existing lessons or create entirely video-focused courses.