How to Add PDFs, Audio Files, and Other Downloads to Your Online Course

When you're creating a course, you may find that some materials don't make sense to be integrated directly into your course content. You may have supplemental handouts, PowerPoint presentations, or audio files that you want students to be able to download and reference. These files should be easy to find and reference in your course but don't have to interrupt the flow of the rest of your content.

With Zippy Courses, it's a cinch to provide your students with downloadable files! Start by clicking on Courses and locating and clicking on the course you wish to add the download to. Click the Units & Lessons tab, and locate and click Edit under the lesson you wish to add the download to.

Once you are editing the lesson page, you will see a Downloads tab near the top of the page. Click on this tab to open your Download settings.

By default, no downloadable files will be added to your lesson, but you can add your first file by clicking Add New Download. This will add a blank download to your lesson:

Enter the title of your download and then click Add File to upload or select your download file. This will open your site's Media Library, where you can see the files already uploaded to your course, as well as upload new files.

Either click the Upload button or drag your downloadable file into the Media Library. Once the file is uploaded, click the Add File button at the bottom of the page to add the file. After doing so, you should see the name of the file you added to your course:

You can click Access File to test the download or Remove File to remove and select a different file. When you are finished, click Save at the top of the page to save all of your changes.

Once you've saved these changes, your students can view and download your files from your course lesson pages by scrolling to the bottom of a lesson and locating the Lesson Downloads section, if you're using the Zippy Classics theme, or in the Lesson Downloads section under your featured media, if using the 1K Students theme.

To see what the download sections of each theme looks like, and for a complete comparison of the themes Zippy Courses offers, check out our theme comparison guide.