Adding A Launch Window To Your Course

When offering an online course, you often want to promote the launch of your course during a specific window. For example, you might want registration for your course to only be available for one month out of a quarter, or you might want to offer special promotional windows for joining your course. 

Traditionally, you would have to manually put up and take down pages on your site in order to manage this kind of launch. But with Zippy Courses, we make it easy. Zippy Courses can handle your launch timing for you, meaning you can set your launch periods and let Zippy open and close registration for you.

Creating Launch Windows

In Zippy Courses, pricing plans can include "Launch Windows" to let you launch your course during a specific window. This means that you can sell a course for a limited amount of time and have all students start the course on the same date. You can use launch windows with both Drip and All Access courses.

Launch windows are included as a part of the pricing plans that you create in your course. You'll find your pricing plans by going to Courses, locating and clicking on the course you wish to create a launch window for, and clicking the Pricing Plans tab. To add a launch window to a pricing plan, click the Launch Windows tab of the pricing plan you wish to offer:

Launch windows are disabled by default, but you can enable them by clicking the "Yes, use Launch Windows for this pricing plan" checkbox. Then, create a new launch window by clicking the Add Launch Window button. A launch window has four components:

  • Open Date: The first day your course is available for purchase.
  • Close Date: The first day your course is no longer available for purchase. For example, if you want January 31st to be the last day your users can purchase your course, your Close Date would be February 1st.
  • Start Date: The date when your students will first gain access to the courses associated with the pricing plan.
  • Expiration Date: The date when students will lose access to the courses associated with the pricing plan. For example, if you want your students to be able to access your course on May 31st but not after, your Expiration Date would be June 1st. If you don't want to include an expiration date, leave this option blank.

Once you set the launch window for your pricing plan, your product will only be available between the Open and Close dates you specify. Zippy Courses will automatically open your registration at 12:01 am of your open date and close it at 11:59 pm of your close date. 

If a student clicks on your product link outside of your launch window, they will be alerted that your product is not currently available for sale.